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The greatest enduring fulfillment in any career is gained when daily work is aligned with our intermost values. We all know how good it feels when we are doing something we enjoy and which we are good at doing. A value based life is healthy for the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is life sustaining and rewarding.

How do we go about aligning our lives around our values?

     1. Understand that everything you do, feel and think is shaped by your values.

     2. Spend time identifying your values, expanding, defining, and toning them.


     3. Eliminate all "shoulds" from your values list. "Shoulds" are other people's opinions.

     4. Do you like your values? Do you like yourself? Your values are who you are today.


     5. Do you have a vision or mission statement? Write one.

     6. Align your vision with your values.

     7. Are your behaviors and actions aligned with your values? If not, how can this                be corrected?

     8. Spend time with people with values similar to yours.

     9. Look for opportunities that strengthen your values.

    10. Set up a system that always measures your actions against your values.

How do we go about discovering what we are best designed to do for a living, once we know what it is we most value?

This is where the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential can be a useful tool. It is designed to align your values - based traits, with major vocations. It also gives you more insight on your personal orientation.

For your own thirty page MAPP assessment contact me, Danielle Vindez.

We attain the greatest joy and happiness, are less stressed, and live healthier lives when we define our own integrity, and are guided by our unique heartfelt vision.

Want help discovering your unique path? See coaching plans.