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  Executive Health Coaching


            Senior Management Make the Best Champions of Health.              

 When you are physically, intellectually, and emotionally fit opportunities are more abundant, choices are effortless and strong, and quality of life peaks.


Your health coach aims to rekindle your enthusiasm for healthy living and facilitates your continued success.

 The Foundation

With a large majority of deaths and illness linked to unhealthy habits, now is the time for your transformation.

The following assorted screens help point you in the right direction to a healthier life.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

A. The Health Risk Assessment and Health History Screen*

The HRA identifies your risk for disease, and any limiting beliefs, before they become a threat to your health. It, along with your health history, provides a quick snapshot of your current health status. Together they can be used as the launching pad to healthier habits.

B. Boardroom or In-home Fitness Testing*

This assessment is administered in the office setting by a qualified fitness expert. It measures each of the five components of fitness: muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body fat, and aerobic endurance.

A one page summary of results is provided to you immediately, with practical evidence based recommendations and feedback.

C. Energy can be assessed via the Clean Sweep Program,* measuring your feelings about your environment, your money, your relationships, and your health.

D. Dietary Analysis - once you understand how many calories you are eating and their nutritional value, you can improve your choices.

E. Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential,* is a self-discovery tool

measuring temperament, aptitude and personal traits and styles.

One to one telephonic sessions help you design a plan of action, based on your assessments, health history, and your desires. You receive unconditional support and guidance, and are held accountable for your step by step performance.

The Communication and Learning

You cannot learn without communication. It is also impossible for a person to learn something that they believe they already know.

Define Yourself Coaching establishes channels of communication that are specific to you. Clear, concise, expectations and intentions, based on the foundational assessments, are reinforced weekly, and are driven by your ownership.

Individuals are encouraged to set two to five 90-day goals, or actions, prior to commencement of scheduled coaching calls. The coaching protocol is discussed and agreed upon. Weekly performance is generally directed by you, however on occasion the coach may ask you to take a particular action, or train of thought, such as, “ I would like you to accomplish X by the next time we speak," or "will you think about this X and let me know how you feel about it by our next session.”


Define Yourself Coaching clients all think big. You are a successful, evolving, healthy person.

Self-responsibility is integrated in all aspects of the health equation. In the Foundation phase we begin by asking you, “what are you willing to explore?”

In the Learning and Communication phase we ask, "what patterns or actions will you take to achieve your goals? What responsibility will you assume?"

In the Tracking and Refining phase we are curious about what you have learned, what works to forward your action, what challenges, attitudes, way of thinking, or feelings are holding you back?

In the Reassessment phase you will be asked for written health goals for the coming year, as well as an HRA update.

Conscious, self-directed, yet supported ownership builds the momentum to sustain healthier habits. You create your new reality by believing in your innate strengthens and abilities, and by consistently, over and over, practicing your healthy habits.

Your Beliefs become Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts become Your Words

Your Words become Your Actions

Your Actions become Your Habits

Your Habits become Your Values

Your Values become Your Beliefs

Mahatma Gandhi


With a clear and conscious co-created plan, the coach supports your performance and helps forward your defined goals. Use of a weekly accountability form, as well as personal incentives, are encouraged.

Subconscious beliefs, can limit capabilities, and smother success. Mindfulness exercises are taught to help you understand that you are not your thoughts, but your actions.

Perfection is not the goal. One only needs to RAISE one’s average level of health to be a winner.

Tracking and Refining

Every third month of coaching one session is designed to assess progress, strategies, and direction.

At Define Yourself Coaching our mission is to strengthen your ownership of healthy habits. With proven tools, and an organic platform that grows and flexes with your health needs and desires, the vision is clear, your good health is on the horizon.

For more information about Executive Health Coaching, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact:

Danielle Vindez
Phone: 310-378-5610



*The HRA assessment is based on data from the Health Management Research Center, University of Michigan,

*The Clean Sweep Program is a registered trademark of Coach U.

*The Health History Screen and all fitness testing follow the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.