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A healthy body is not possible without a healthy mind. The healthy body and mind work as one, in spirit.

In seeking a measure of enlightment, our journey to self fulfillment starts with being at peace with our extrinsic world. We gain, through this mirrored feedback, a consciousness of our inner world.

Honoring our body with exercise, nutritious foods, and adequate rest, builds a foundation of self care. Through self care we strengthen our beliefs, our uniqueness, and our spiritual connection.

When our body, our feelings, our thinking, our actions, and our environment are in harmony with our core values we can then, more profoundly, explore the spiritual nature of our being.

Perhaps before we can effectively connect to a greater consciousness, we want to be fully aware of, and living in, our own integrity. Integrity is the external reflection of our internal peace. Do we live a life according to our true values, are we holding ourselves to our highest standards, are our needs fully met, and do we live a life that is full throttle energy?

In this state of natural energy, we are the most creative, we have peak experiences, and we have the most love and compassion in our hearts.

While we are all gloriously unique, we all share a common composition, a common way of being, of loving, and of suffering. We are never alone. Through these connected threads, we express and share our stories, our myths, and our experiences, growing, developing, and reaching a greater sense of our spiritual self, and a greater sense of devotion to all living things.

Perhaps the wholeness, that is in every cell of our beautiful body, is the wisdom we seek. Can our mind listen to our body? Nurture your body and you nourish your soul.


From Premature Judgment to Mindfulness: using Neuroplasticity and Consciousness to Reframe Unhealthy Ways.


"Those who dance were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear music".

--   Angela Monet