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Hello Danielle,

With this letter I want to express how thankful I am for what you did with this fitness program for a lot of employees at Stewart Filmscreen. I am talking specifically about the lunchtime walk that you started.

The engineering department, as a whole, usually stays at their desks. You will rarely see us outside at the tables for a snack or lunch, not to mention a walk or some other activity. That was the culture before and we just adapted to it.

In my five years with the company, I ran or walked around the block a few times and a few times I walked to the nearby fast food restaurants. Each time I felt awkward walking alone on the sidewalks. Jogging looks even worst.

A few months ago I discovered that some of my colleagues from production were jogging every day. It was difficult for me at the beginning to leave the office at 12:00pm sharp to join them. I had excuses for every day of the week (forgot my running shoes, shorts, t-shirt, I am sweaty after the run, where to change, the meeting took longer … to name a few). Not any more.

For the last two months I missed only one run. That is more than 60 miles running total. If somebody had told me before that in two months I will cover 60 miles running I would laugh at them, but little by little it adds up.

The most difficult part is to get away from my desk. There is always, always something to be done. But we have to keep a balance, as much as we can, between work and health. It is easy to say, a little more difficult to do it.

What the benefits are for me, from this 15 minute lunch run:

I feel great after the run. My lungs get fresh air, my head gets fresh blood, my eyes are relaxed, my, excuse me, “behind" is not sore, and my mood is happier. It is a brand new day after that.

You, and most of the people that run, jog or walk know what I am talking about. A few days ago I was walking into the lunch room after the run and a colleague of mine asked me in a friendly way: “What are you laughing at? What is so funny?” There was nothing, absolutely nothing, I just had a smile on my face without even realizing it. Considering the extra stress due to the tough economic times, these days that is quite an achievement.

I feel that I am more productive, more concentrated, more creative and more patient.

I was pretty healthy before, but now I think chances are even better that I can keep the lower back and right hand wrist pain at bay. I was at a lecture at Little Company of Mary years ago regarding lower back pain and the doctor said something in the lines of: “…look folks, your spine was designed to chase food and was good at that for thousands of years. It was not meant to be stuck on a chair for years. What do you expect?...”.

I consider this program as a perk or benefit. The same way as my health, or 401K benefits.

I believe that all of the above is valid for the rest that participate, and the benefits are mutual – for us and for the company.

Thanks to the individuals within the company that initiated this program and contacted you, or the other way around. I don’t know how it started, but it is great.

Simeon Petrov 2009

Stewart Filmscreen

Torrance, California

See article in South Bay Health Magazine

When a good friend referred me to Danielle I thought I’d be getting a personal trainer to help me shape up and lose weight.  What I got instead, as a result of Danielle’s life coaching skills and her personal integrity, was a health coach, and it has transformed my life.

When we met I had just completed two months of chemotherapy, had gained weight and was depressed and worried.  I was going through a difficult divorce, and I was focused on all that had gone wrong in my life.

Danielle began helping me refocus my attention and energy on getting healthy, body, mind and soul.  By re-evaluated the way I was living, I began to realize that I was wasting time and energy, and how much I had to gain by focusing on the positive healthy aspects of my life.

Danielle gave me encouragement, she helped me make difficult decisions that I was leaving unresolved, and she sent me help sheets to spur my progress to a better quality life.  She trusted I would be true to myself, figure out what I needed, live in integrity, and honor myself and those around me.

Today I am a different person, a lot happier and positive.  I look forward to getting up in the morning.  I eat differently, I shop differently, I have a radiant smile and a can do point of view that makes everything a lot smoother.  I’ve learned to say “no”, and set boundaries that protect my health and my self-esteem.  I have reconnected with my children in a way I never expected.  It is truly a miracle and it can happen in anyone’s life.

I still have a long way to go and I’m still working on self-care.  But I am hopeful and enjoy everyday and value all that is here, now that I can see it.

I cannot begin to thank Danielle enough for the powerful impact she has made in my life, and by association the lives of my children and family.  I do not hesitate to recommend Danielle to anyone who needs a safe, intelligent, deep thinking coach to help navigate the rough waters.  She has what it takes.

Barbara K Robinson

Hermosa Beach, California

A few years ago my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Following several surgeries, six months of chemotherapy and seven weeks of daily radiation treatments, I was left physically depleted, mentally exhausted and emotionally fragile.  I had my work cut out for me.   I knew I would have to rebuild myself - body, mind and spirit. 

Danielle came into my life when I needed her most.  In the process of working with her, I discovered so much about myself.  Step by step, Danielle guided me through the process of becoming a “whole person”.  She helped me recognize how important personal accountability is to self-renewal.  

Danielle’s professionalism and genuine concern for my well being encouraged me to realize that everyday is an opportunity to begin anew, make better choices and take control of my life.  I am grateful to have had Danielle as my life coach.  

Mary Weinberg

Palos Verdes, California          

I met Danielle in 1999. She worked as a master personal trainer in a gym near us. Shortly after joining the gym, I was diagnosed with the early stage of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). My neurologist treated the disease with medication along with a strong exercise program. The objectives of the exercise program were:


  • Strengthen muscles to compensate for abilities lost due to PD
  • Build positive morale
  • Anticipate PD-caused progressive loss of mobility, balance and endurance


Seniors are prone to have multiple health problems. I was no exception. The exercises Danielle used specifically considered both PD as well as my other limitations, e.g., frozen shoulders. The exercise plan was reviewed by Danielle regularly and revised accordingly. I regained my shoulder range of motion and the effects of PD stabilized. I was a happy camper. My neurologist and my family were also pleased. An unexpected benefit of the exercise was my cholesterol numbers—all got in the normal range.

Parkinson’s is a progressive disease. Mine worsened in the fall 2007. It caused serious rigidity, stability and stamina problems. It is a major challenge to implement a program that would compensate for the rapid onset of PD.

With our neurologist’s concurrence, we set up a gym at home. Setting up a home gym can be complicated, expensive and take a long time. We have a recumbent bike, which is the only complicated equipment we have. The rest of the gym is made up of simple, inexpensive items that, while not glitzy, do the job. We arranged for Danielle to come three times a week (for an hour each time). I fill in between times doing the bike and stretching exercise.

Parkinson’s is a movement disorder and Danielle is effective because she understands muscles, their impact on the rest of the body and how a client’s body reacts. She doesn’t let PD reversals get her or her clients down. Danielle is able to identify and sort out constructive and corrective actions from a complex environment such as PD.

Danielle’s behavior is highly professional and at the same time friendly. She is prompt but can be flexible with schedule conflicts. She is trustworthy—I’m pleased to have her in my home.

Parkinson’s Disease is a tough foe. Danielle gives me the best ability to successfully fight it.

Fred Kaufman

Rancho Palos Verdes. California