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A Fresh Start - Inside - Out Makeover

Are you ready to change your life, to fuel your goals, and lift yourself to your highest potential?

Starting January 25th, 8pm PST

    Look at the 8 major areas of your life that impact your self- care

  • Health/Fitness/Body
  • Professional/Career/Business
  • Money
  • Friends/Family
  • Romance
  • Fun/Recreation
  • Personal Growth/Spirituality


                                     and dare to expect more.

                                                       R U

                            excited about making change                                                                     

                                    are you a good listener                   

                                       committed to action

                                             open minded                             


then U have the qualities to join. This once a week, for 12 weeks, teleclass workshop is intent on

  • Identifying goals you really want and therefore will achieve
  • Create your own personalized 3 Step Success Strategy
  • Get into action and create huge momentum to keep on going
  • Learn 4 easy way to overcome any obstacle that arises
  • And much, much, more!

What is a teleclass? Interactive, informative and fun, a teleclass is just like attending a workshop, but instead of driving, parking, and making sure your hair is combed all you need is one free undivided hour a week and a phone.

 Ready Set  Go

Discover the keys to set you free to achieve what you believe.


Register now with Danielle before December 15th and receive a $75 discount. Register from the 15th to January 1st 2011 and receive a $60 discount, January 1 to January 11 and receive a $20 discount, after the 11th full price of $360.


Program fee for this 12 week teleclass, is $360 USD, (Visa and Master Card accepted). Workshop electronic materials along with bridgeline information will be sent to you after registration and confirmation of payment method.


What You Can Believe You Can ACHIEVE