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                                              Ten Steps to Extreme Self Care

Stress elimination  - Notice here we are not saying reduction. Shoot for eliminate and you will get reduction. 

Environment and family – You have the option of designing your environment to best serve you. Tolerate no clutter or messes. Be fully organized. Your spouse, children, friendships, and pets all add energy to your life. 

Pleasure – Know what top ten things make you feel great. Now conceive three different ways to put more of each in your life.

Well-being – Get a physical. Exercise daily. Respond intellectually, rather than reacting emotionally. Know what motivates you. What are you passionate about? Arrange to be touched or held twice a week. Be free of adrenaline behavior. Eat real food. Give up living in the future.

Support of experts – Make an investment in the services of others. Hire a personal trainer, a registered dietician, a health coach, an herbalist. Be a source of unconditional love and support to a friend.

Ingestion – Open mouth and insert extreme self-care. Eat real foods.

Appearance – Throw out every piece of clothing that does not make you look great. Style and color your hair. Manicure your nails. Wear great shoes. Keep your body in great shape. Keep your teeth looking brilliant. 

Sustainability – Integrate these changes into your life. Make them a natural behavior by taking full responsibility for their occurrence in your daily life. Know your strengths. Install systems that do for you what you do not want to do, or can’t.

Daily rituals – Stretch, floss, under promise consistently, have an inspiring morning wake up ritual, and a peaceful evening bedtime ritual. Do what you most want, have time for just you, stay in touch with yourself.

Special care items – Write down those special needs or wants that did not fit anywhere else.




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