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Spirituality the Universal Language


Once we realize that money is not the answer, that the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, and the righteous and sinful approach to life does not do it for us, and even information is merely a resource, where do we turn?

As we frantically search for our body, mind, and soul unity, we temporarily escape the frustrating journey through alcohol, sex, drugs, and food. This too has left us empty and no closer to a sense of our universal value.

Today in our free spirited, yet self- responsible world, we know more of what we want, and how to get it. We are being reborn to take extreme care of our unique body, mind and spirit. We attract people to us that have similar energy and who believe there is more to life than materialism. This evolving clears the path and space for our spiritual being.

Spirituality gives us a common language that allows us to connect with each other. In believing that we are an individual piece of a divine design we are motivated to seek our destiny. Spirituality is the place from where we all come from, the place we are, and the place we all will go. In embracing this essence of spirituality one can embrace oneself and others fully.

Some spiritual concepts to ponder;

  1.  We are not alone, we are with all the world.

  2.  Truth is one.

  3.  There is a distinction between self and ego.

  4.  As we become aware, life becomes truly simple.

  5.  "Live, as though the day were here."*

  6.  Love is the only true feeling.

  7.  Grace is always present and often overwhelming.

  8.  We are all a unique blessing.

Tap into your unique spiritual calling. It can serve you as an unending source of bliss and joy. It can nourish you. It can heal you. It can connect you.

It is your supreme ordeal.



Thomas Leonard, the father of coaching, 1998 Coach U, Inc.

Joseph Campbell, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces".