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                                                            WORKPLACE WELLNESS legislation

 Workplace Health Solutions


When your employees are physically, intellectually, and emotionally fit their daily personal and professional performance is enhanced, and their risks for disease drops.

Define Yourself Coaching takes advantage of your workplace to increase health, lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve morale.

Workplace Health Solutions helps strengthen responsibility, and sense of control over daily healthy habits and behaviors, through proven strategies, trust, communication, and personal feedback.

 The Foundation

The Health Risk Assessment*

A one to one questionnaire identifies risk factors for heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, and provides a quick snapshot of your employees health, as well as their willingness to change. This 20 minute assessment is designed to empower individuals with practical and useful information about their health, start a dialog of trust, as well as provide the data used to determine the health initiatives.

The Communication and Learning

Our Workplace Health Solutions, primary plan, promotes employee health consciousness and awareness through these means

  • confidential Health Risk Assessment
  • program coordinator/coach
  • contests, incentives, and personal recognition
  • health boards
  • self directed walking club
  • lunch and learn seminars/online learning
  • biometric screening

These additional services may be added to the primary program


Self-responsibility is integrated in all aspects of the health program.

An incentive points program is designed to teach as well as engage employees in five measures of their self care, aerobic, strength and stretching, stress management, lifestyle choices, and nutrition and weight management.

At the Lunch and Learn sessions we ask for individual goals, and request written steps or actions to achieving those goals.

In the thirteenth month Reassessment phase all employees are asked for written health goals for the coming year, as well as an HRA update.


With a clear and conscious organic plan, Workplace Health Solutions supports and inspirers your employees to practicing and owning healthier habits, one step at a time. This action is continually fowarded by introducing fresh, rewarding, innovative, and interactive stimulus.

Perfection is not the goal. One only needs to RAISE one’s average level of health to be a winner.

Tracking and Refining

Tracking monthly data is conducted by the health coordinator, and results are shared with designated executives monthly. This allows us to learn what works for your employees, and what needs to be refined, redesigned or eliminated.


Health Risk Assessments* are conducted annually, health risk markers are assessed, and a report is generated to validate the program, and to provide a benchmark for future initiatives.

For more information about Workplace Health Solutions, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact:

Danielle Vindez
Phone: 310-378-5610


Be well and prosper



*The HRA assessment is based on data from the Health Management Research Center, University of Michigan,

*All fitness testing follow the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.